Addiction Bible Scriptures eBook

Addiction Bible Scriptures

Addiction Bible Scriptures

Now for the first time ever, this Addiction Bible Scriptures ebook gives you instant access to ALL the bible scriptures on addiction and recovery.

Addiction Bible Scriptures contains ONLY scriptures on addiction and recovery.

No more searching, no more wondering where to find every single scripture on addiction
and recovery.

Questions you've always had about
where to find specific scriptures just
on drug and alcohol addiction and other
compulsive habits, are now ALL found in
the Addiction Bible Scriptures ebook.

Isn't it time to tap into a power greater than yourself?

You’ll now know where to find the exact scriptures, at the exact moment you need them. Addiction Bible Scriptures will help you discover that God is doing for you what you cannot do for yourself.

Dear friend,

    Addiction Scriptures

  • If you cannot do it yourself.
  • If your tired of fighting.
  • If you need immediate answers
    to your most pressing questions.
  • If you need spiritual guidance.
  • If you want to know what the Bible says about addiction.
  • If you need God’s power from scriptures to help you with your addiction.
  • If nothing else has worked.
  • If you need relief.
  • If you’re seeking peace.
  • If you're wondering, "Can the Bible help me beat this addiction?"

YES, every Bible verse you want on addiction...and every question you have about NOW instantly at your finger tips in the
Addiction Bible Scriptures ebook.

TODAY...Here's How The Addiction Bible Scriptures Will Change Your Life!

    Your inheritance today is righteousness, healing and prosperity.

    You'll walk in victory over addictions, negative thoughts and every cycle of defeat that has you in bondage.

    You will be enlightened and encouraged. It will strengthen you. It will build your faith.

    It will give you counsel and direction. It will provide the answers to your questions.

    You will gain wisdom and understanding from a scriptural perspective about addiction and recovery.

    You will find love and forgiveness. You will grow strong in the Lord.

    You will get the scriptures and tools to handle situations that use to baffle you.

    The Addiction Bible Scriptures ebook will become your constant go-to guide and spiritual companion.

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Addiction Bible Scriptures is ideal for...

  • Anyone who wants ALL the addiction scriptures in the Bible
  • Anyone who wants to know what the Bible says about Addiction and Recovery
  • Pastors and Churches with Recovery Programs
  • 12-Step Sponsors
  • Topics for support group meetings
  • Daily personal and group devotional topics
  • Group therapy sessions based on these topics
  • Discussions and written assignment topics relating these verses to personal efforts toward recovery

Thank you for the "Addiction Bible Scriptures.” I love your website and just want you to know that it has helped MANY families and those suffering from the disease of addiction here in the South Jersey community.

I commend you and your wife for the work that you are doing! I myself am a recovering addict and now work as a counselor in the addictions field. Have a blessed day! Dana M. Dariano

I lead an addiction support group at church on Tuesday evenings, what a treat to find all your resources. Thank you for your Addiction Bible Scriptures. I have grown as a believer and human being due to ministries like yours. Thank you again for all that you do. Wendy Kay

Addiction Bible Scriptures has ALL the Topics & Scripture References (in complete sentence form) including each specific book of the Bible and all the Scriptures relating to that topic.

1. Anger-Resentment
2. Bitterness
3. Blame
4. Courage
5. Dependence Upon God
6. Discouragement
7. Doing The Next Right Thing
8. Easy Does It
9. Faith
10. Fear
11. Forgiveness
12. Freedom
13. Friendship With God
14. Gratitude
15. Guilt
16. Healing
17. Honesty
18. Hope
19. Humility
20. Joy
21. Let Go And Let God
22. Live & Let Live
23. Loneliness
24. Love
25. Newness of Life
26. Obedience
27. One Day at a Time
28. Open-mindedness
29. Overcoming
30. Pain
31. Patience
32. Power
33. Prayer
34. Promises
35. Rebellion
36. Reconciliation-Amends
37. Recovery-Sobriety
38. Relapse-Slips
39. Religion-Relationship
40. Serenity-Peace
41. Stumbling Blocks
42. Temptation
43. Vengeance
44. Walk What You Talk
45. Will of God
46. Willingness
47. Wisdom

PLUS All 12-Step Recovery Bible Scriptures!

The Addiction Bible Scriptures Ebook Includes...
  • 47 Topics
  • 243 Pages
  • 1,832 Scriptures (All Verses In Complete Sentence Form)
  • Both Old and New Bible Testaments (NIV Version)
  • All 12-Step Recovery Bible Scriptures

Addiction Bible Scriptures

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Don’t delay. Don’t put it off another day.

Why continue to look for a solution tomorrow, when the answer is available today?

Get the sweet aroma of God's word into your life!

Nothing else comes close to changing as many lives, in as many ways, and as consistently, as the Bible.

What's more, those who look to it for their answers typically don't go anywhere else.

They don't need to, because God's Word is all a person ever needs, especially a person battling addiction.

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  • Believing The Lord For Your Needs and Wants
  • My Weakness – His Strength
  • The Same Healer Today
  • Limited By Unbelief
  • Believing Without Seeing
  • We Can’t Even Imagine

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