12 Steps And The Bible

12 Steps And The Bible

A Biblical Guide To Addiction Recovery
And Healing

12 Steps And The Bible is an
extremely enlightening 82-page guide for people seeking to release God's power in their lives through a 12 Step Program.

Your life will be transformed as you internalize deep spiritual truths and scriptural insight into each Step.

What makes the 12 Steps And The Bible so unique and different is...
it goes straight-to-the-heart of the
addiction and deals directly with the root of the problem.

You'll discover why...once you condemn yourself, you are doomed to repeat the cycle of addiction again and again.

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Discover "12 Ways" To Unlock The Keys To Every Blessing That God Has For you In Recovery!

    12 Steps And The Bible will reveal how to walk in favor, healing, prosperity, love, joy, peace and harmony in family relationships.

    How to experience spiritual growth, self-worth and self-esteem in ALL areas of your life.

    How secrets no longer need to be hidden and how the process of loving self will begin.

    How to gain strength to put the past behind you and build a new life.

    How developing a new life in Christ transforms the obsessive need for other people’s approval.

    Feelings of unworthiness, anxiety, and inferiority will no longer be a part of your life.

    "Key ideas" and discoveries for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

    How to return to wholeness and gain the courage to succeed!

    How to rely on the Dynamics of God’s Word and the Twelve Steps to maintain sobriety.

    "Step Overviews" to assist in understanding, working and preparing for each Step.

    "Helpful Hints" to guide you in areas of prayer, meditation, and Bible study.

    PLUS - Insights that will work miracles in your recovery!

Addictions That Can Be Overcome Using The
"12 Steps And The Bible!"

  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Prescription Drug Abuse
  • Illegal Drug Abuse
  • Stop Smoking
  • Gambling
  • Codependency
  • Sex Addiction
  • Eating Disorders

The ONLY way to break the cycle of addiction,
is to get to the ROOT of the problem!

Root Graphic

Addictions, chronic sickness, mental depression, perpetual anxiety, financial lack and marital disharmony are all outward leaves of the plant.

Stress and Fear are deeper roots below the surface.

Condemnation Is The Deepest Root!

The reason many people can't break the cycle of addiction is because they carry around guilt and condemnation which produces anxiety, depression and fear.

It's easy, almost natural for you to condemn yourself when you are battling an addiction. And when you condemn yourself, you feel guilty and you believe that your fellowship with God has been broken.

What happens is, as you're trying to deal with stress and fear, the enemy of God continues to heap guilt and condemnation on you. He knows that when you are under condemnation all kinds of addictions and sicknesses will follow.

Mind Obsessed With Drugs And Alcohol

12 Steps And The Bible will help you identify and deal with the deepest root. When you internalize this revelation, ALL of the destructive outward manifestations will begin healing automatically.

In the Bible, forgiveness always precedes healing. Psalm 103 says, "Who forgives all your iniquities" (before moving on to) "who heals all your diseases."

You need to know in your spirit (once and for all) that God has forgiven YOU! When you get a hold of this TRUTH and simply believe it, the healing and recovery process from addiction will begin.

When people hear the good news that they have already been forgiven because of the cross of Jesus, something supernatural happens.

You'll discover how the GRACE of God revolutionizes your life when you realize that God has already forgiven your past, present and future.

You'll suddenly realize that God has already done for you what you cannot do for yourself!

12 Steps And The Bible ebook is ideal for...

  • ANYONE who would enjoy working a Biblical 12 Step program before spending thousands on rehab or treatment
  • If you want a life transforming experience through the power of God while working a 12 Step program
  • If you want to work one-on-one with a recovery sponsor
  • If you want to work with a pastor and/or a professional counselor
  • Pastors and churches who have recovery ministries
  • Christian Addiction Counselors
  • Prison Ministries

Hi Robert, I am a Pastor in a large Church in Manchester England. I want to start a ministry in our Church for addicted people, bless you for this material. Pastor Rick Lacy

I really want to read this and use this "12 Steps and the Bible."
Please, if you have any more material that is available let me know.
You have been great to work with. Thank you so much.
Susan Bailey

What you have is especially needed among clinicians, pastors, psychologists, social workers, and all those in the helping profession. Your products are a guiding light to those who suffer in silence from various addictive behaviors.

Your biblical methodology is an excellent foundation to start the healing. In short, anyone searching for a biblically based 12-step-addictive program must purchase this package!

Dr. Craig A. Dossman, Sr., PhD - San Jose, California

We have witnessed countless miracles in our own lives and in the lives of others who were battling addictions. Numerous blessings have poured forth as we have worked these 12 Steps And The Bible.

Isn't it time to tap into a power greater than yourself?

The original twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous is used as the foundation for this guide. Addiction Bible Scriptures is also suggested as a companion guide.

Here's What You Get!

  • 82 Pages - 12 Steps
  • Spiritual Nuggets Revealing How to Work Each Step
  • Numerous Bible Scriptures and References
  • Tons of Encouragement and Self-Esteem Building
  • Hundreds of Thought-Provoking Q&A's
  • Suggested Bible Scripture Reading
  • Provides Understanding, Knowledge and Wisdom
  • Discover the Power of GRACE and How it Will Revolutionize Your Life
  • A Complete Roadmap and Journey Through the 12 Step Program
As you apply each of these spiritual 12 Steps faithfully, God will strengthen you and you will come to "know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:32)

12 Steps And The Bible

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No matter how lost and hopeless you may feel, you are the child of a loving Heavenly Father.

If you have been blind to this truth, the principles explained in this guide will help you rediscover it and establish it deep in your heart.

By being humble and honest and calling upon God and others for help, you can overcome your addictions!

If you suspect you are addicted and if you feel even the smallest desire to break free, we invite you to join us in studying and applying the principles of this 12 Steps And The Bible program as they are taught in this guide.

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